People In Glass Buildings
Should Not Hear Their Neighbors.

Glass buildings are definitely beautiful. They let in natural light and provide great views. But it’s a given that glass buildings are noisy. And, all attempts to “tone it down” have amounted to a band-aid, not a real solution. Until now.

Mull-It-Over Sound Barrier Mullion Trim Caps explained in 2 minutes.

“We’ll look forward to talking about the product with more of our clients. It’s a wonderfully innovative and ingenious design!”

Leading Acoustical Consultant

“We love the mullion cover and see a continuing need for it on most of our projects.”

Leading Acoustical Consultant

“I wish you the best with this product. We all think that this is a terrific invention and was a long time coming. We will be definitely including it on our projects.”

Leading Acoustical Consultant

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