Can the Mull-It-Over Sound Barrier Mullion Trim Cap be installed on an existing building?
The Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap can be installed during initial building construction or added to an existing building. The sound barrier mullion trim cap does slightly decrease the size of the vision glass pocket which may impact the dimension of window treatments.


Who typically installs the Mull-It-Over Sound Barrier Mullion Trim Cap? Does it require special tools and training? When should it be installed during new construction?
Installation is very simple with standard tools. Suggested installation sequence would be after the walls are painted but before window treatments are installed. Mull-It-Over Sound Barrier Mullion Trim Caps are typically specified in Division 09 and it is best assigned to be furnished and installed by the Drywall or Finish Trades.


Is the Mull-It-Over Mullion Sound Barrier Trim Cap easy to install and does it eliminate the need for a trim piece to be installed to cover the exposed drywall partition edge?
Yes. The mullion trim cap can be cut using a non-ferrous carbide saw blade, jigsaw or other non-abrasive metal cutting blade. The mullion trim cap eliminates the need for finishing the end of the drywall partition wall with break metal or C cap trim.


What does the Mull-It-Over Sound Barrier Mullion Trim Cap look like when it is installed? Are Custom finishes available?
The exposed surface is extruded aluminum and is designed to mimic the look of the adjacent curtain wall mullion framing. Fasteners are concealed by a snap on trim piece. Standard finishes include anodized finishes and primed finish for field painting. Custom finishes are available to match any curtain wall color or finish.


Does the Mull-It-Over Sound Barrier Mullion Trim Cap allow for differential movement between the building partition and the curtain wall?
Yes. The Mull-It-Over Mullion Trim Cap attaches to the drywall partition, does not contact the curtain wall mullion, and has a compressible closed cell foam gasket between the end of the mullion cap return leg and the interior face of the glass. When properly installed, the mullion trim cap allows for differential movement in all directions. The compressible gasket is available in ½” and 1” thickness and light gray or dark charcoal colors. Movement between systems should be reviewed and approved by appropriate project engineers.

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